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We are a young and dynamic team who shares the love for a unique and passionate region,  The Alentejo. We want to offer genuine and authentic cultural tourism produtcs, for everyone wishing to visit and learn more about Alentejo, particularly the very noble and always loyal city of Évora.

We offer you the possibility of trying our range of cultural experiences, accordingly with your own preferences and expectations. With our experiences, you will be able to discover our incredibly natural, cultural and material patrimony and also the extraordinary immaterial patrimony of this millenary secret called Alentejo.

As part of our team we have a master in cultural products development, a graduate in biology and geology, a sociologist, a master in conservation and management of natural resources, a professional photographer, and a founder member of the nature protection league – Alentejo, a member of the Évora choral group and other local people willing to share their passion and knowledge of Alentejo with you. We can offer you unique and unforgettable cultural experiences during your holidays or weekend break, in this Portuguese treasure that we love and we want to share it with you!


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